Wedding Abroad Invitations

So you’re ready to fly off into the sunset…but are your family and friends?

Your wedding abroad invitations are your chance to stand on that hilltop and announce to the world…(or maybe just your closest family and friends), “we’re getting married so come and join us for a party you’ll never forget!”

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Invitations by Destination Stationery

As your wedding invitation will be the first impression your friends and family will have of your wedding, I suggest using it to give them a glimpse of what’s in store! From the moment your guests open your wedding invitation you want to get them excited about the adventure that awaits them.

These days almost anything goes with wedding invitations and if you are choosing to have your wedding abroad you can be even more adventurous with your design. Traditional and elegant always works well but by the very fact you are having your wedding abroad your wedding is already unique and your invitation is a great starting point to reflect this.

I think it’s a great idea to match your wedding invitations to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having your wedding in a French Chateau you may wish to go for a more classical, opulent design to reflect the surroundings of your wedding or if you are having a beach wedding you may want this reflected in the invitation by using a seaside theme.

Really Your Choices are Endless:

  • Make your wedding invitations look like a postcard from your wedding destination
  • Design your invitation to look like an airline ticket, with the tear off stub acting as an RSVP slip
  • Create a unique passport style invitation (one of my personal favourites)
  • Have a double sided invitation with one side written in English and the other in the foreign language of the country you are getting married in

Put some time and effort into designing your wedding invitation. Not only is it fun but statistics have shown the better the invitation the more favourably your guests will respond to your wedding. In fact, if I remember correctly the research I read said that guests buy nicer gifts – but hey that’s not the reason you are getting married!

Whilst wedding abroad invitations are similar in structure to an invitation to a home-based wedding there are one or two notable differences.

Your Invitation Should:

  • Be supported by more detailed communication of your wedding plans and destination.
  • Be sent earlier to give your guests enough time to plan a trip abroad for your wedding.

Below you will find a lot of additional information on wedding abroad invitations…I highly recommend going through each category where hopefully any questions you have will be answered. Enjoy!

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Hot Tips!

If you would like even more help

I have created a “Closed” Facebook Group where you can meet other couples getting married abroad and ask advice from all the fabulous wedding suppliers featured on my site.

Weddings Abroad Guide Facebook Community Advice & Information from other couples & Destination Wedding Planners

You will be able to discuss your wedding plans, ask questions and get inspiration from other couples and from wedding suppliers.

It is a fun friendly group…and private… so your wedding plans won’t be exposed!

I’d love to have you part of it and can’t wait to meet you!

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