Wedding Price Abroad

It’s the all important question…what is the average wedding price abroad?

So let’s get to the bottom line, what will it cost you to get married abroad?

In a survey carried out by Mintel (a market intelligence company) the average cost of having a wedding abroad is £6,585.

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This makes it just approximately £14,000 cheaper to get married abroad than it does to get married in the UK with the average cost of a wedding being just over £20,000.

For a detailed list of weddings abroad prices in some of the more popular wedding destinations click here.

My interpretation of the average price is this would be the cost of having a small wedding booked through a Tour Operator.

Obviously like all things this is just the average and if you decide you would like to have a larger more lavish wedding your wedding price abroad will increase.

If cost is a consideration in your decision to get married abroad there are wedding packages abroad that offer excellent for money and in addition, I would recommend looking at these other creative cost saving ideas to help you save money on your wedding abroad.

Also becoming increasingly popular are Gift List Services where your family and friends can contribute to the cost of your Wedding and Honeymoon abroad. This is a great way of cutting your wedding costs. Many Travel Companies provide this service as well as a number of independent websites.

If cost is not the main motivating factor in your decision to get married abroad you will definitely be rewarded with the added bonus of getting excellent value for money. Your money will stretch a lot further abroad than it will at home.

As an example in Continental Europe, you will pay a fraction of the cost for excellent local wines and exceptional 5 course meals will delight your guests and your pocket!

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