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I like to think I’m organised but actually I work in a perpetual state of flitting…I flit from one thing to another…I get a little more distracted than I’d like to admit! Although I’m not really a list writing person, when I stop long enough to write one, they’re always the “little key” that keeps me on track…

When planning a wedding there are so many things that need to be covered that lists are essential.

To help keep you on track, I’ve made lots of different lists for you – I’ll admit they did take me a little bit of time to put together but I hope they’ll save you a lot of time!

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The Free Destination Wedding Planning Tools Include

Wedding Abroad Planning Checklist

Wedding Abroad Planning Checklist

Organisation is the key!

My wedding planning checklist outlines everything you need to consider to plan your wedding abroad.  It’s not structured in the traditional timeline manner as I know everyone works to different timescales, instead I have grouped like items together and then included prompts to help with individual components, keep you on track and most importantly organised!  The checklist will be useful even if you’re using a wedding planner or tour operator as it’s important to still be involved and have an understanding of each.

Wedding Reception Checklist

Your Reception venue will form the backdrop to your wedding and will undoubtedly have a strong bearing on the success of your day. When selecting your wedding venue you need to take your time and do plenty of research.

My wedding reception checklist includes prompts and questions for you to ask prospective venues so you evaluate them equally to ensure they will meet all your criteria.  Remember, there is a lot more to consider when selecting your venue than looks alone!

Wedding Abroad Ceremony Venue Checklist

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Similar to your reception venue, your choice of ceremony venue also requires careful consideration. My wedding ceremony checklist also includes prompts and questions for you to evaluate different venues to ensure they will meet all your criteria and allow you to hold the type of wedding ceremony you would like to have.

Weddings Abroad Guest Information Checklist

Guest Information Checklist

If your guests believe it will be a lot of hard work and organisation for them to attend your wedding, their enthusiasm may not be high and your guest response rate may be lower than expected. You need to grab your guests’ attention and get them excited about your wedding abroad and provide them with as much information as possible about your wedding.

My guest information checklist outlines everything you need to tell your guests about your wedding and will make the whole process of attending your wedding abroad easier and more enjoyable for them…and ultimately you!

Wedding Abroad Photography Key Considerations Checklist

Photographer Checklist

I personally believe a wedding photographer is one of the most important suppliers you will choose for your wedding.

You will, no doubt, have invested so much of yourself in your wedding day, both financially and emotionally. You will have dedicated time to choosing the right location, the perfect dress, inviting the people you care for most and organising the many special personal touches that will make the day truly unique and truly yours. Your wedding photography should convey this story!

My wedding photographer checklist has been designed to help you do this. It will show you have to evaluate different photographers to select the one that will be just right for you.

Wedding Abroad Supplier Checklist

Supplier Checklist

Choosing which companies and suppliers to work with is probably the most important decision you’ll make. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you do your research properly and don’t rush in too quickly. I wouldn’t advise walking into the first travel agent you visit and booking your wedding on the spot. I highly recommend taking your time and weighing up all your options.

My supplier checklist provides guidelines and advice to help you evaluate and select your wedding abroad suppliers.

Month by Month Destination Guide

With so many fantastic wedding abroad destinations it can be difficult to know what country to get married in. My month by month destination guide has been developed to act as a starting point to help you choose the destination that’s just right for you.

Wedding Planner Forms

I have created the wedding planner form to use as a guideline for the type of information you should provide wedding planners when making your initial enquiries to them.

In order for a wedding planner to fully scope out prices, they’ll need to have a very good understanding of how you would like your wedding day to look. Therefore, it’s important to provide them with your ideas and any requirements you have for your wedding day. By doing this very early on, you’ll make the wedding planner’s job easier as they will be able to immediately come back to you with suggestions and guideline prices.

By providing each wedding planner you contact with the same information, you will be comparing their responses, ideas and prices on a more level playing field.

8 Free Wedding Abroad Planning Checklists Designed for Destination Wedding Planning